Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Congress of Curious People at Coney Island!

Picture of our stand at the event!  We met a bunch of awesome people and had a great time! A co-founder of the Minnesota Association of Rogue Taxidermy was there and invited me to be a member. Here is the link to my page on there Afterlife Anatomy on MART.

Here is a studio picture of the highlight mount featured at Coney Island.. it and the albino deer brought in a lot of attention!  This piece is part of a series I will be working on titled, "Replacement," a series focusing around the idea of growth from decomposition and life from death. I use scrap and roadkill skins so they often have many flaws that need creative alternatives in order to repair them.
This mount was on display as well-

and I picked up a new piece for my collection, a squirrelipede made by Scott Bibus!

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